About us

SSD.Technology is a news and information website that covers all aspects of modern storage technology with an emphasis on solid state drives. The website has been around since 2010, formerly under the name ‘Fastest SSD’ and relaunched on an entirely new design and domain name in 2018. Like its predecessor, the new site is owned and operated by Fulltext Media AB, a Swedish company, with the help of contributors from all corners of the world.

Why start a blog about SSDs?

The idea for this website was sparked by the paradigm shift in storage technology brought about by the introduction of NAND Flash-based solid state drives into mainstream computing. No other innovation in the past decade (and more) has had a greater effect on everyday user experience than SSDs. Equally important are the considerable improvements in server performance, which to some extent affect everything and everyone that is connected.

Initially, SSDs were very expensive and only offered as part of similarly high markup, high-end products. That is not the case today. Although the cost per storage unit is still considerably higher compared to conventional hard drives, prices have declined and continue to do so thanks to manufacturing improvements. Consumer electronics manufacturers have also offset the higher cost by integrating smaller capacity drives in end-user products – something that we would consider a fair compromise due to the much improved user experience.

Why we do this

Our aim with this website is to provide genuine, trustworthy and factually correct information about data storage devices via news, reviews and guides, helping our readers make informed decisions about how to purchase, use and maintain SSDs. We cover all form factors and usage scenarios, but our primary focus is the consumer market. Another, more mundane reason is that we actually find this stuff enjoyable and want to keep doing it while making ends meet.

For the latter reason, we finance the site through advertisements in articles and our participating in various affiliate programs, which allow us to earn a small commission on qualifying sales from retailers such as Amazon.com. Some of our links to vendors may also be automatically converted to affiliate links via third-party service Skimlinks. This does not affect how we link to products and what products we choose to recommend – and we never, under any circumstances, recommend products that we are not comfortable with recommending.


  • Jesper Berg, editor
  • Glenn Santos, contributor
  • Rolando Pelayo, contributor
  • David Delima, contributor

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Are you a tech enthusiast who’s also good at writing? Or do you have good access to devices and want to moonlight as a tester? We’re always interested in contributions that would be valuable to our readers. Use the contact form and let us know how you’d like to help out.


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