Deal: RevoDrive 110GB and RevoDrive X2 220GB Coupons

Get a blazing fast prosumer/enthusiast PCIe-based SSD for a record-low price with these brand new coupons from TigerDirect! The offers are valid until 06/20/11 or while supplies last.

Get a 110GB RevoDrive for $259.99 ($30 off) using the coupon code: KHK34195

The bootable 110GB RevoDrive’s maximum performance is up to 530MB/s read, 435MB/s write and 70,000 IOPS (random 4K aligned) over the PCI-Express 4x interface. Or:

Get a 220GB RevoDrive X2 for $479.99 ($50 off) using the coupon code: CGA34198

The bootable RevoDrive X2 offers even better performance: Up to 730MB/s read, 690MB/s write and 100,000 IOPS (random 4K aligned), also over PCI-Express 4x.

These are the best prices we have seen so far on any of these two drives. Note that the coupon codes are applied on the final checkout page–after reviewing your cart.

OCZ RevoDrive


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