800GB Intel SSD Announced, Offers 2 GB/s Throughputs

Critics of SSDs usually have two reasons as to why these devices could not fully replace hard disks yet: price and capacity. These issues are slowly being addressed as more products are released with affordable prices (such as the HyperX 3K) and higher capacity SSDs are introduced.

One of those higher capacity solid state drives is Intel’s 910 series, a PCI-express drive that could store up to 800 GB. It is the highest capacity SSD from Intel yet and is also the fastest. The 910 can reach a maximum sequential read and write speed of 2 GB per second and 1 GB per second respectively.

The 320 series’ 600 GB capacity was the previous high from Intel while the 550/520 MB/s read and write speeds of the 520 series were the fastest throughput out of the company’s SSDs. The 910 series also features 75,000 IOPS and 180,000 IOPS in 4k random write and read tests.

Data centers in need of higher storage and performance is the target for the drives whose firmware is said to reduce data errors as much as possible. It is expected that the 910 series will hit the stores by June of this year. The 400 GB will come with a price tag of $1,929 while the 800 GB will be priced at $3,859.

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