By Offering Cheaper SSDs, Major Vendors Hope to Push Smaller Ones Away

SSD manufacturers Intel, OCZ, Kingston and Crucial are reportedly lowering the prices of their products as NAND flash chips have become considerably cheaper. This action, according to industry sources, is also seen as an attempt to squash smaller companies.

It has been observed recently that retailers have been offering SSDs, instigating a problem among larger companies which see to move as a disruption of the development of the SSD market. By offering cheaper products, these companies hope that retailers will be forced to leave the market and return to selling commodity flash drives and memory cards.

The transition from SATA II to SATA III drives could also be positively affected if the price-cuts would push through. By narrowing the price gap between products, which is currently around $10, it is expected that more users will opt for the faster SATA III drives. Also, mainstream capacities 32 and 64 GB will hopefully be replaced with 128 and 256 GB if the transition is completed.

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