Hard Drive Prices, Warranties Decline

Hard drive prices went through the roof after flooding in Thailand a couple of months ago, but now they appear to be on the decline again. Unfortunately, warranty periods are also declining for many of the most popular models from Western Digital and Seagate.

While the computer industry has been struggling with the lack of hard drives, Western Digital and Seagate has seen fit to worsen the warranty terms for the well-known and popular consumer models Barracuda, Scorpio, Momentus, Caviar and others. Western Digital cuts warranty periods for its Caviar Blue, Caviar Green and Scorpio Blue from three to two years. The new terms will take effect for units shipped to distributors as of 2 January 2012. Hard drives that are received before that are sold under the previous conditions.

Seagate is even worse and cuts the warranty periods to just one year for the Barracuda, Barracuda Green and Momentus series. By comparison, SSDs which are often viewed as less reliable often come with three year warranties.  The “high-end” Barracuda XT and Constellation 2/ES2 models are down to three instead of the previous five year warranty. Lowering the warranty period is a relatively straightforward method for these manufacturers to reduce costs and improve profit margins.

Source: The Reg


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  1. Most of the MLC SSDs don’t come with any warranty against wearing out, while HDDs may be replaced regardless of data processing loads. Under heavy load SSDs won’t last even a month. In that respect their lifetime is actually lower.

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