Hitachi Aims Interoperability in 12 GB/s SAS SSD Interface

Together with fellow manufacturers LSI and PMC-Sierra, HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) is poised to introduce a new 12 GB/s SAS SSD interface that promises to be backwards compatible with the current 6 GB/s SAS infrastructures. The new interoperable interface is expected to be demonstrated by Hitachi at the SCSI Trade Association showcase this coming May 9.

The move could give an advantage to the company which is now part of Western Digital. Enterprise and cloud storage have benefited from the rise of SAS SSDs and would be even more favored with 12 GB/s throughputs. But doubling the data transfers of the current SAS interface is not enough to support such products and so a new SAS interface is necessary. By making it interoperable, the adoption is expected to be smoother.

According to Brendan Collins, HGST’s VP for Marketing:

As the preferred enterprise interface of the future, 12Gb/s SAS will be essential to unleashing the full performance potential of SSD storage solutions to help datacenters and cloud environments contend with massive data growth and accelerate application performance. With our ongoing validation processes and compatibility testing with HGST, we are paving the way for a smooth industry transition and market adoption of 12Gb/s SAS solutions by 2013.



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