OCZ Vertex 4 Receives Firmware Upgrade, Write Performance Doubled

Vertex 4 owners rejoice. OCZ just released a firmware upgrade to their latest consumer SSD which significantly improves their write performances. Along with the update is the release of the new 64 GB Vertex 4 which, according to SSD is for system boot drives and mobile applications.

The v1.4RC firmware update increases the sequential write speed of the 128 GB to 420 MB/s from 200 MB/s while the 256 MB model’s write speed is improved from 380 MB/s to 465 MB/s. No write speed improvements are reported for the 512 GB model but its read speed is slightly increased from 535 MB/s to 550 MB/s.

So how did OCZ do it? According to the company, the write improvements are brought by a new algorithm that manages the sequence of physical NAND programming. As a result, all NAND devices are always running at optimum performance. A predictive read algorithm is also added that “predict” commands not yet given by a host and responds to them – something very similar to NCQ in hard disk drives.

Vertex 4 SSDs with the update is set to be released in a few weeks from now. For current users, the firmware upgrade is now available via OCZ’s official website.

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