RAID 0 TRIM Support in Upcoming Intel RST Drivers

Why settle for a single SSD when you can have two running in RAID 0, providing almost double the performance of a single drive configuration? Well actually there’s a reason why many have refrained from doing just that, namely the lack of TRIM support in RAID setups. But now it looks like Intel is about to change that situation. Anyone who is not content with a single SSD but want to use them in RAID 0 will soon be able to thanks to an update in Intel’s RST (Rapid Storage Technology) drivers.

Some of the documentation from the upcoming 11.5 version of the RST drivers has revealed that one of the news is precisely TRIM support in combination with RAID 0:

2. This release will not enable the TRIM on RAID0 feature, but it will be added in the next RST 11.5 release. Contact your RST AE representative with questions.

TRIM helps keep the SSD write performance at a steady level by preemptive cleaning of unused blocks in the background. This eliminates the need for the drive to go through an extra cycle before writing to a previously used block of data on the drive, something that would otherwise degrade performance.


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  1. It is only a matter of software or controller microcode implementation (controller software), in any RAID configurations.

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