Samsung Acquires Nvelo

Samsung has just announced that it’s acquiring California-based Nvelo, a company developing SSD caching algorithms (or at least one). Nvelo software has been used with SSDs from other manufacturers such as OCZ Technology, Corsair and Crucial. The company’s one and only product is Dataplex, which uses a small SSD cache in combination with a mechanical hard drive.

This type of caching is not new;  like similar solutions, Dataplex runs silently in the background and analyzes how data is moved on the disk. Frequently used files are moved to the SSD cache and consequently loads faster. These algorithms have proven to be quite effective and useful, although the performance improvement is of course never on par with an SSD-only alternative.

The main question is what Samsung has in mind for Nvelo, and whether its caching solutions will still be provided to Samsung’s competitors in the SSD market. Apparently, Nvelo and all its staff moved to Samsung, but few relevant details are known about the deal. It seems likely that Dataplex won’t be licensed to competing SSD manufacturers going forward.


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