SanDisk Introduces Caching SSD as Means to Improve PC Experience

Seeking to improve a computer’s boot-up time, application launch time and shutdown time, SanDisk introduces the ReadyCache pack. This product combines a 2.5 inch solid state drive and a caching software solution by Condusiv Technologies named ExpressCache. The software can be downloaded from SanDisk’s official website after the 32 GB SSD is installed alongside the desktop computer’s hard disk drive.

Just like other SSD caching solutions, ReadyCache utilizes an algorithm that acknowledges data which are often used by the user. Performance of the computer is enhanced because the caching SSD handles all often used data faster than the default hard disk drive. SanDisk promises a boot-up and shutdown time of up to four times faster compared to having hard disk drives alone. Furthermore, applications can be launched at a speed a dozen times more than normal.

A good feature of the ReadyCache SSD solution is its ability to connect to multiple hard drives at once. This is unlike most of the caching SSD currently out in the market. This also means that the good performance of the desktop computer will not be affected if multiple hard disk drives are involved. With a caching SSD like this installed on your computer, you can experience faster speeds while having very high drive capacities.

The ReadyCache SSD solution by SanDisk is also ready if ever failures occur. All data saved into the caching SSD is also saved on the main hard disk drive. This ensures that no data is loss if ever the caching SSD fails.

Caching is becoming more and more popular for users who would like to try out solid state drives but does not want to spend a lot of money. With ReadyCache SSD, you don’t need to replace your hard disk drive and install other equipment and software; the system can be easily installed and will significantly cost less. How cheap is the ReadyCache SSD solution? It can be bought for only $60 in selected online and retail stores.