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If you are curious as to how long your SSD will work correctly, you may want to have a look at SSDLife–a fun and potentially useful tool that fetches the S.M.A.R.T status and some other variables and also gives you something akin to a “death clock” for your drive. It’s hardly an exact science, but it’s true that solid state drives are more predictable than hard drives in this regard; memory cells can only be written to a certain number of times, and depending on the NAND type (MLC/SLC) and production process (i.e. newer 25nm chips have a shorter life span) it is quite feasible that you should be able to calculate an approximate “best before end” date.


SSD Life gives you some general information about your SSD as long as it supports S.M.A.R.T. and that S.M.A.R.T. is enabled in your BIOS. It also detects the drive you are using (accurately in this case, with even the firmware version is included) and reports on whether it supports the TRIM command. This Crucial m4 was given a clean bill of health and according to SSDLife it will stay alive until 2020.

Of course, if it ends up in a server with a heavy load on a later date those years would dwindle considerably, but for a personal desktop or laptop PC, 8 to 9 years is not unrealistic based on a light load. However, it would need to be monitored for a few weeks before it produces a reasonably trustworthy date. Provided the SSD comes with a good firmware it should nevertheless be able to outlast the rest of your system based on normal use.

SSD Life is available in a free version and a Pro version with extended functionality for $19. The Pro version supports multiple SSDs and displays additional information about the drive.


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