Super Talent Launches Rugged SSDs

DuradriveSuper Talent Technology is now ready with the company’s latest solid state drives; Duradrive ET2 and ZT2 come in both 2.5 inch- and 1.8-inch form factors and utilize either the PATA or ZIF interface.

The new drives are touted as the next generation storage devices, with high performance and reliability as well as ECC/EDC support. What separates the ET2 and ZT2 from the rest, however, is that they are allegedly particularly robust. According to the manufacturer the drives are more resistant to both shock and large temperature fluctuations (from -4oC to +85C).

Access time in the new drives is 0.1ms, and the sequential read/write performance is a somewhat humble 125 MB/s and 110 MB/s respectively. In addition, the drives have a feature called Secure Erase for secure deletion of data.

Duradrive ET2 ZT2 should become available sometime this month (August) in 16GB to 128GB for capacities for SLC and 32GB to 256GB for MLC.

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