World’s First 4TB SSD from Sandisk


SanDisk Optimus MAX SAS SSD (2_5) jpg

Sandisk recently announced that they will manufacture a 4TB SSD which will cater to data center needs. The Optimus Max SCSI SAS SSD should be something of a big leap in SSD innovation, as it removes a problem that professional users are facing – that of rack space versus performance.

We are certainly looking forward to see drives with this sort of capacity for regular consumers. Since 2009, when solid state drives went mainstream, consumers have always been tormented with the dilemma choosing between expensive, blazing-fast yet low-capacity SSDs and economical, slow-ish yet relatively robust hard disk drives.

After a few years the ratio between ssd price and capacity has shrunk dramatically so I can’t help but be optimistic that consumers will have an SSD with this capacity after a year or two from now.



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