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ocz vertex 4OCZ’s new flagship SSD known as the Vertex 4 was just launched, which is a big deal for the manufacturer–not least because it drops the ubiquitous SandForce controller and uses one from Indilinx (now owned by OCZ). It also means that the company gets more wiggle room with the pricing, and it is also a chance to show off the potential of the new Everest 2 controller.

The new drive will (in due time) replace the Vertex 3 on store shelves, which is one of the most popular high-end consumer SSDs to date, and also one that has been through numerous firmware updates due to problems with the SandForce chip. Whether any similar problems will resurface is far too early to tell, but the Vertex 4 has already been reviewed and largely well received. Here are some of the best reviews available so far:

First of all, one of the few tech journalists who is actually a genuine SSD expert – Anand Lal Shimpi of – has gone over the Vertex 4 in considerable detail and found it praiseworthy. He concludes that it delivers very good random and sequential ¬†write performance but doesn’t perform as well in sequential reads. His standing recommendation is still the excellent Samsung 830.

Full review here

Tom’s Hardware has also published a comprehensive test. Andrew Ku wraps things up by stating that OCZ has now differentiated itself from the hordes of competitors that have started using SandForce controllers and that the Vertex 4 is a “potent flagship”

Full review here

Guru3D has a 17-page review up that, among other things, establishes that the Vertex 4 is exceptionally fast in CrystalDiskMark, particularly the largest, 512GB capacity. However, both the 256GB and 512GB models handily outperforms the Vertex 3 in random and sequential write performance, whereas the Vertex 3 is still slightly faster in sequential reads.

Full review here has the courtesy of publishing the review on a single page and reaches mostly the same conclusions as the aforementioned reviewers; the Vertex 4 doesn’t top as many charts as they had hoped for, but does an admirable job in random 4K performance.

Full review here

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